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At Northwood, we believe that homework is an important way for students to progress in their subjects and develop independent working skills.  

Evidence supports this belief: The Education Endowment Foundation toolkit shows that completing good quality homework helps students make 5 months’ extra progress within a year.

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Homework at Northwood may take different forms, including:

 Consolidation of content taught in class through practice tasks and questions

  • Revision and self-quizzing to prepare for an in-class retrieval test 
  • Extension of content taught in class
  • Researching & preparing a topic for presentation to the class 
  • Reading
  • Progressing coursework
  • Feed forward tasks to improve on their work 

Practicalities of homework at Northwood 

While believing in the value of regular homework, we also recognise that students may have other demands on their time during the week. As such, students will always be given a reasonable amount of time to complete homework, (in most cases 3 or more days). 

Homework is always set on our school platform, Satchel:One (previously ShowMyHomework). This helps students to stay organised, and parents can also access this to check what has been set.  

Students can expect the following homework frequency:  

Maths, English, Science, MFL Humanities, performing arts, computer science, RE Art, design & technology PE Total Time


(Years 7-9) 

30-60 minutes per week  30-60 minutes per fortnight 30-60 minutes per week Up to two 30-60 min per half term 4-8 hours
per week


(Years 10-11)


30-60 minutes per week per subject, including BTECs/other options Up to 90 minutes per week (may be practical) No homework for core PE 5-10 hours per week


(Years 12-13)


KS5 students should expect to do at least an hour of independent study or homework for every hour of lesson time.

This generally translates to 4-5 hours of independent study or homework per subject per week.

At least 12-20 hours
per week*

 *KS5 students should study independently for at least 12-20 hours per week. There are some study periods built into the school day to facilitate this. KS5 students should allocate their time outside of lessons to include wise use of their study periods in addition to working at home.

How can parents and carers support with homework? 

Please sign up for a parent account with Satchel:One to see what homework is due.

See 10 top tips for helping your child with homework


RECIPE points will be awarded for excellent pieces of homework. 

Outstanding homework is often showcased on displays, in assemblies and on social media.